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New Book Highlights

Here we have highlighted some new books each week which we think you can't miss! Whether it be because they carry an important message, have a special significance, or are just fantastic!

Creative Ideas For Worship With All Abilities

Hazel Bradley & Jim Cargin




This vital resource draws on the vast experience of the L'Arche community to offer practical guidance and ideas for imaginative worship that engages people with learning and other disabilities. It explores the essential considerations of pastoral work with those with learning disabilities, as well as patterns of prayer and worship that are most appropriate. It offers practical ideas for enabling participation and building familiarity while keeping worship fresh and varied, with ready-to-use themed service outlines for use throughout the Christian year. It offers a compendium of resources for creating your own acts of worship, including prayers, blessings, stories, quotes, a directory of online resources, ideas for what to keep in a 'liturgy box', ideas for seasonal decoration of the worship space and many more resources from L'Arche.

Life In Community

Jean Vanier




Jean Vanier’s classic book Community and Growth - reflections and guidance on life in community, based on the unique experiences of l’Arche - is here re-presented as a compact and colourful abridgement, with original cartoons by Sean O’Brien. In a divided world, Life in Community is a book of absolute importance, showing that life in community can be testing but ultimately a source of love and liberation. This new presentation will open up its message to new readers, young and old, and from all backgrounds.

40 Verses To Ignite Your Faith

Laurie Short




Many of us have our 'go to' verses. The ones we memorize, post on social media, and hang on our walls. But sometimes we need a fresh word or promise for the season we find ourselves in--something that ignites our faith in the face of fear, doubt, loneliness, insecurity, or overwhelming circumstances.
In this powerful, accessible new book, author and speaker Laurie Short mines the Scriptures, revealing insights and promises from 40 verses we often overlook. Digging in to these 'in between' verses, she unearths fresh wisdom, guidance, and encouragement that will help you seek and experience God in new, dynamic ways. From trusting God's timing, to not worrying about the future, to holding on to faith when things look dark, the hidden insights found in these verses will help you navigate the challenges that cross your path, breathe new life into your weary soul, and ignite your faith once again.

To Heal And Not To Hurt: A Fresh Approach To Safeguarding In The Church

Rosie Harper and Alan Wilson




Since the Jimmy Savile revelations of 2012 churches in England, with other social institutions, have found themselves all but overwhelmed by a flood of safeguarding concerns and allegations. This is an urgent area of concern, about which there is much fear, anxiety and confusion. To Heal and not to Hurt examines the deep institutional roots within the Church of abusive attitudes that have caused harm. It includes narrative examples of people who have suffered abuse from within the Church and in the response of the Church, and provides a calm, reasoned and practical basis on which to shape a more adequate and sustainable response in future.


Sabbath, The hidden heartbeat of our lives

Nicola Slee




Acclaimed poet theologian Nicola Slee reflects on and wrestles with questions of how to practice the scriptural principle of Sabbath in a church and world that have become compulsively driven, competitive and workaholic, obsessively activist and outcome-oriented. Slee’s rich and inspiring exploration is rooted in her own poetry and that of Wendell Berry, in particular his profound Sabbath poems. Ideal reflective reading for Christians wishing to resist the materialistic pressures of the world. Chapters include: An introduction to Sabbaths; The invitation ‘into the woods’; The invitation to cessation; The invitation to encounter; The invitation to fear; The recovery of vocation; ‘Coming out of the woods’.

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