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Izzy’s Unexpected Week Paperback – 8 Mar. 2024

by Emily Owen (Author)


Gently introduces children to Jesus and shows how he is truly interested in all parts of their lives.

When 11-year-old Izzy’s parents take her gran on holiday, Izzy has to go and stay with her Aunty Elizabeth, and she isn’t very happy about it. She doesn’t want to spend the week with someone she doesn’t know – someone who had a big argument with her mum years before.

But Gran has left Izzy some interesting notes about her new friend, Jesus, to help her through the week. Izzy finds Jesus begins to help her look at life differently, and she and her aunty start the journey of knowing him together…

Content Benefits:

Aimed at 8 to 11-year-olds, older kids will see how Jesus cares for them in the everyday circumstances of their lives, and how they can grow in faith.

  • Introduces tweens to Jesus in an accessible fiction format

  • Black and white line drawings interspersed throughout

  • Gently covers issues such as loneliness, bullying, friendship, image and identity

  • Encourages children to experience Jesus in their own setting, and see how God is interested in every aspect of their lives

  • Helps kids to develop their own relationship with God

  • Includes reflections to understand the feelings and emotions explored

  • Includes the Bible stories in full to explore further

  • Ideal for gift giving on any occasion

  • Perfect for Sunday School resources, prizes or faith school libraries

  • Suitable for children aged 8 to 11

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