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Bookshop Buddy

Become a Bookshop Buddy and keep informed about our special offers and promotions, discounts and special events.

If you love books then you’ll love bookshops! Seeing shelves full of tempting pages of wisdom and entertainment, teaching and inspiration, being able to pick up, touch and see a book before you decide to buy, and make your home its home. At Christian Resources we love our books and our shop, and serving God by serving you, our customers.


We know we can’t always match that well known giant internet bookseller, but if you’re happy to pay extra to ensure your coffee is Fairtrade, why not consider doing the same to ensure your Christian book is fairly traded too? It really does make a difference. We’re seeing an increase in out of town visitors to our shop right now, many of whom express delight at finding a Christian bookshop open here, as their local one has closed.

Being a Bookshop Buddy and making us your first choice when choosing your books, you’ll help to ensure that we stay open, ready to serve you.

To become a Bookshop Buddy fill in your name and email adresss and click the "send" button.  We will only use your details to send you our regular mailings.  For more information see our data privacy notice.

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