Christian Resources Leicester is a friendly and well-established Christian bookshop situated in the heart of Leicester City Centre next to Leicester Cathedral. Founded over 35 years ago and formerly an SPCK branch, the shop now forms an integral part of St Martins House, which is owned by the Diocese of Leicester. It is a building dedicated to hospitality, outreach and service including a growing Conference Centre business.

All surplus profits from the shop, after meeting the needs as a business, are ploughed back into the work of St Martins House and the Cathedral.

Janette Sturgis - Manager


Janette has been with the shop for 29 years (2019). An English graduate and a bookworm her bookshelves are overflowing.


Home is in Market Harborough, where she was born.


She worships and serves in a Free Evangelical church but is sympathetic to, and enjoys the whole breadth of spirituality:  “God is too big to be put in a box”.

James Barrett - Senior Bookshop Assistant


James joined Christian Resources team in March 2020.


He is 20 years old (2020) and enjoys music, playing rugby and worshipping at Knighton Free Church.

Alison Rostock - Volunteer Assistant


Alison has worked at Christian Resources since 2003, and has seen many changes, not least the move to St Martins House which has been great!


She loves travelling and recently undertook a 4000 mile trip around Europe on the back of her husband's Harley Davidson.