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Daily Bible Reading..Monthly notes



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Bible Reflections for Older People.....edited by Eley McAinsh

Written for older people, these reflections are designed to bring hope, assurance and sustenance, reminding the reader of the presence and love of God. In each issue are 40 Bible reflections and prayer suggestions to use and revisit as often as is needed. In the central section, Debbie Thrower of BRF’s Anna Chaplaincy ministry offers interviews and ideas to encourage and inspire.

Guidelines...........edited by Helen Paynter and David Spriggs

Guidelines is a unique Bible reading resource that offers four months of in-depth study, drawing on the insights of current scholarship. Its intention is to enable all its readers to interpret and apply the biblical text with confidence in today’s world, while helping to equip church leaders as they meet the challenges of mission and disciple-building.Instead of the usual dated daily readings, Guidelines provides weekly units, broken into six sections, plus an introduction giving context for the passage, and a final section of points for thought and prayer. On any day you can read as many or as few sections as you wish. You will need to use a Bible alongside Guidelines.

Day by Day with God..............edited by Jackie Harris

Each daily section provides a suggested Bible reading (you will need a Bible), with the key verse written out in full, and a comment written by a team of regular contributors. The Bible text is explained and applied especially for women, by women who have themselves found the Bible a source of strength and inspiration for life. A daily prayer or meditation helps you connect the daily notes with your own spiritual journey as you seek to follow Jesus more closely.

The Upper Room.............edited by Daniele Och

The Upper Room has a worldwide readership of some three million and is unique in that all the meditations are written by the readers themselves, who seek to share the insights of their faith with others, thus providing a personal take on each passage and a different style each day.

Each daily meditation includes a suggested Bible reading (you will need a Bible), with the key verse written out in full, together with a reflection, prayer and thought for the day. Questions for weekly small group study are also included.

New Daylight................edited by Sally Welch

Ideal for anyone wanting an accessible yet stimulating aid to spending time with God each day, deepening their faith and their knowledge of scripture. Each issue provides four months of daily Bible readings and comment, with a team of regular contributors drawn from a range of church backgrounds and covering a varied selection of Old and New Testament, biblical themes, characters and seasonal readings. Each daily section includes a short Bible passage (text included), thought-provoking comment and a prayer or point for reflection.

All published three times a year in January, May and September.

Good Book Company

Explore Bible-reading notes help you to read, understand and apply the extraordinary truths of God's word, every single day. Each issue covers three months at a time 

We stock a full range of dated Bible Reading Notes and are happy to set up a standing order for you

Life Every Day Jeff Lucas

Explore more of God’s abundant life every day.

Laugh, cry, marvel and reflect through daily insights into God’s Word and what it means for you and your everyday life. Written with Jeff’s customary wit and wisdom.

Scripture Union
Daily Bread is a bible reading guide that aims to help you hear from God as you read the Bible.  If you've ever asked the question, 'What possible relevance can this have for me today?' or 'What difference does this make to my life?' then read on...
Encounter with God is a daily Bible reading guide designed to lead you to a deeper understanding about what God is saying to you and to his world today. You’ll find its thorough and energetic investigation of the whole Bible inspiring and stimulating. And you’ll discover that its biblical exposition is complemented by pastoral warmth from a strong field of writers and contributors. As well as daily content, feature articles provide insights into Christian spirituality, tackle contemporary issues, and profile teachers who inspire.

Here's some of our daily readings that cover a year with unspecified dates

There are also a wide range of books of undated devotions.  Take a look at our shelves.

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